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BEFOREyour session​

  • Be well rested, and eat two to three hours before your appointment. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you would not mind getting dirty, and will grant access to the area we need to tattoo. 

  • Make sure you know how long we are going to be.

  • We also recommend bringing a small snack and a sugary drink.

  • Being tired, hungover or having low blood sugar can increase the discomfort level.


Can I drink or take pain medication before my tattoo?


No! Alcohol and aspirin thin your blood, making you bleed more than normal. This not only makes the job harder and your tattoo take longer, but excessive bleeding can make your tattoo heal improperly causing it to look faded and unattractive.



AFTERyour session​

  • Don’t drink alcohol or take anything that makes you bleed excessively.

  • Avoid going to the beach, ocean, hot tubs and swimming pool.

  • Keep your tattoo away from the sun and don’t go to the gym while it’s healing, sweat is not good for your tattoo so make sure it stays fresh.

  • Make sure to move gently so your clothes or other things don’t rub against the tattoo.

  • Feeling sore and itching is normal, don’t scratch.

  • If your tattoo feels infected or is still swollen three days after getting your tattoo, consult a doctor or take antibiotics


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